After an exhaustive search of the internet, I was able to find several of our missing classmates we have been seeking for the last 20 some odd years.  We have sent letters to all of them about the reunion.  The ones I have found (or think I have) so far are:  Mary Ellen Hayford, Anita Hubbard, Michael Korn, Helen Leib, Halina Pilcer, Marianne Sesselmann, Alan Slaff, Jim Thorne, Harry Van Vliet, Jim Warren and Ruthjanice Fabricant.   Thanks to the internet we have been able to locate them when before all of our efforts were fruitless.

If you know the whereabouts of any of the classmates we are still trying to find please fill in their information in the comments section below and your information in the name and address section beneath that.  Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.  We are trying to find as many as we can, but even with the Internet it is proving to be a difficult task.








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