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As promised we've been researching data on classmates who have died.  We have done exhaustive searches to learn more about their lives, for the most part to no avail.  Here is the information we have been able to find out for some of them: 

Gary Lepore- Gary died on January 12, 1993 at the age of 47.  He was born in Brooklyn and moved to Pompton Lakes with his parents in 1957.  He was a self-employed insurance salesman. He left behind his wife and son and his brother. His yearbook caption read: Never at a loss for words...easy-going and happy-go-lucky...lively imagination...always ready with a laugh...a cheerful greeting for all.

 Robert Sieling-  Bob died January 8, 1999 at age 52 and was a life-long resident of Pompton Lakes.  He was a supervisor at Pathmark supermarkets for over 20 years.  He was survived by his mother and brother. His yearbook caption read: Quiet, but well-liked by his friends...fisherman, hunter, and all-around sportsman...enjoys having fun and making mischief...most sincere in all his dealings.  He planned to attend  Technical School after high school.

William S. McGrady- Billy died suddenly on March 17, 2004 of a heart attack, while playing basketball with his son and some of his son's CYO basketball friends in his driveway.  He was a resident of Marin, California and was a manager for Arch Rival Sport  stores in Petaluma, Kentfield and Mill Valley. He is survived by his wife, a daughter and a son. His yearbook caption read: Occasional blade of cutting of any party...member of a drum and bugle corps...fine blocking lineman of the football team.  He planned to attend college after high school.

Sheila Richards - We've not been able to find anything on Sheila except for the fact that she pass away on November 21, 1991.  Her Yearbook caption read: Cute pixie face...tackles problems quickly and efficiently...enjoys meeting people and making friends...excels in the art of dressmaking.  She planned to become a secretary after high school.

Bruce Brown - No data available - His Yearbook caption read: A new comer to P.L.H.S. who has found his niche among its halls...takes everything in stride...our proficient football end...carefree with no strings attached.  He planned on becoming an architect.

Michael J. Connizzo - His Yearbook caption read: A new comer to P.L.H.S....has easily made himself many new friends...Pompton's version of Jerry Lewis...a terror in the chem lab.  He planned on attending college.

David L. Keeffe - His Yearbook caption read: A rugged sportsman...enjoys fishing, hunting and canoeing in the wilds of Maine...plays an excellent game of golf...unsurpassed in the art of satire. He planned to become a Chemical Engineer.

Ellen Moore - Her Yearbook caption read: Willing worker for any good cause...warms to the task...likes sports, small cars, and driving...unabashedly wonders with a paint brush.  She planned to join the Navy Waves.

 Janice C. Post - Her Yearbook caption read:  Jan loves to experiment with the latest hairstyles...finds time for her many home economic projects...makes many of her own clothes.  She planned to become a beautician.

John J. Quinn - His Yearbook caption read: Acumen of mind fosters creative ability...novel sense of humor adds sparks to everyday classes...a more unique individual is seldom found...always in the midst of everything.  He planned to attend college.

Kenneth Sharpe - His Yearbook caption read:  A tall, handsome lad with a crop of wavy black hair and mysterious blue eyes...drops quiet shell when he is among those he knows...spends a lot of time at the bowling alley.  He planned to join the Air Force.

Susan Specht - Sue was the first classmate we lost during our senior year of high school on March 26, 1964.  Her Yearbook caption read:  Mona Lisa smile enhanced by blue-gray eyes and silky blonde hair...exceptional artistic ability...admired for her determination and efficiency..."Sweet Sue."  She planned on becoming a secretary.

                      To our knowledge we have now lost 17 members of the class of  '64.


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